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What is the Realm of Alys? This is my personal web-home. Originally 'shineycats', I wanted to rename it to something that captured the conglomeration that this site will (hopefully) turn out to be. So...this is my realm! The residents are faeries, myths, demons, and tiny woodland babies. From spooky forests to tranquil gardens, there's certain to be cute, weird, gothic etc. things — and also probably some chaos. Enjoy the stay!

Who is Alys? Alys (ALICE) is me; aka Alysson. Or Syla. I'm the webmistress of this site cat face I am a 21 year old Appalachian girl living with the aftermath and disabilities of a terminal sarcoma diagnosis.... More importantly though, I am an artist, animal lover, collector, reader, dreamer, appreciator of cute things, heathen, crafter, lover of learning and a wannabe pixie.

NOTE:This site was designed in 1536px Firefox, and therefore best viewed on desktop for the ~full experience~ jazzy cat. Though I am working on making my site responsive and accessible, some things might not be perfect. I'm a coding newb & easily distracted! Feel free to email me at if you had any issues panda on laptop

picrew of me. holla!
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Watching: Criminal Minds

Playing: Minecraft ATM9, Final Fantasy

Reading: The Alchemyst by Micheal Scott

Listening to: Take Me to the River (cover) by Lorde

Working on: health stuff, finishing up old projects


  • 3/31/24- New homepage! nevermind me when I said I had my first layout. THIS is my first ~official~ layout/ version of my homepage. So glad I learned more to make this, esp seeing as now I can stop tinkering with it all the time to focus on expanding the pages I want on the site
  • 3/21/24- Uploaded my links page today! Also made a 404. Now I have to completely overhaul my index page because I have a lot to add into it
  • 3/13/24- oops. time flew. I finally got my about me layout figured out! now to fix up the home layout..
  • 2/13/24- came back to work on some things! want to flesh out the information of the site before worrying about layouts etc. decided that even though i am not the greatest at coding, i already know too much to give up now lol
  • 1/23/24- finally finished up the first beta version of my site!
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